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Business and Finance Internship in Cape Town

Business and Finance Internships in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of Africa’s largest business Centres and is home to many well-established companies, SME’s, social enterprises, NGO’s, start-ups and much more.  South Africa has an advanced Banking and Financial Services Industry, which is on par with the developed world. The Johannesburg Stock exchange (JSE) is by far the largest and most efficient stock market on the continent and is one of the top regulated exchanges in the world. If you are studying towards a business/finance degree and are hungry for emerging market exposure, a Business and Finance Internship in Cape Town will provide you with an exceptionally enriching professional experience.

Business Internships through VACorps

Business Internship Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups
  • Real Estate
  • Social Development
  • Accounting
  • Microfinance

Whether you are looking for experience in a fast-paced for-profit organization or would prefer to apply your knowledge and work for an organization that helps the underprivileged, VACorps will customize a business internship that will help you work towards your goals and objectives.

Finance Internships through VACorps

Cape Town is home to a wide variety of Asset Management Companies, Venture Capital Firms, Start-up Accelerators, Fin-Tech Companies, Hedge Funds,  Financial Consulting Firms, and Research Firms.  VACorps has partnered with companies within these industries and offers custom Financial Internships in Cape Town based on your goals and objectives.  These include, but are certainly not limited to:

Start-up Incubator Internships: Learn how incubator/accelerator funds make investment decisions and provide support to South Africa’s emerging businesses.

Asset Management Internships:  Private equity, venture capital, listed equity, fixed income, derivatives or real estate: See how emerging market asset managers research, value, allocate and invest in their assets of choice.

Financial/Economic Research Internships: Intern at a research or consulting firm and gain perspective on how industry professionals research various assets, industries, and trends within an emerging economy.

Benefits of doing a Business and Finance Internship abroad in Cape Town

Gain exposure to an emerging market economy: A Business and Finance Internship in Cape Town will allow you to network and learn from world-class financial professionals within an emerging market environment.

Experience a unique business culture: You will be exposed to a dynamic business culture that is in many ways similar to developed economies, and in other ways a world apart.

Work in a frontier market: Africa is widely considered to be the world’s last frontier market, and there are many South African companies at the forefront of this exciting space.

Cutting edge Fin-tech Industry: The South African Banking and Financial Services Industry has been very quick to innovate and embrace the disruptive technologies that increase efficiencies and inclusivity of the poor and previously unbanked.

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Meet past participants:

Leyla Theunissen, New York, USA (2021)

Leyla, pictured on the left, joined the VACorps program in 2021 and completed a business internship at an urban farming NGO as part of her GAP Year.  She will begin her studies at the [...]

Sofia Cagliero, Milan, Italy (2021)

Sofia (pictured far right) joined the VACorps program in January 2021 and participated in a business start-up internship as part of her gap year.  She will begin her studies at Harvard in September 2021.  [...]

Xinyi Shao, Hong Kong (2021)

Xinyi is studying accounting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and joined the VACorps program in January 2021 where she participated in a remote internship at a fin-tech company.  "Due to the pandemic, [...]

Kaila McDonnell – New York, USA (2020)

Kaila is a Senior Financial Services Consultant working in New York City.  She joined the Vacorps program in January 2020 and participated in a business internship at an organization that empowers and supports women [...]

  • Finance Internships in Cape Town

Jordan Young – Tazmania (2020)

Jordan (pictured on the left) is studying a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Tasmania. She joined the VACorps program in January 2020 and participated in a finance internship.  "I chose to undertake [...]

  • Business Internship Cape Town

Andy L – Manila, Philippines (2019)

Andy is studying towards her  BSC Business Administration with a minor in Operations Management at Enderun College. She joined the VACorps Program in July 2019 and participated in a marketing and business internship at [...]

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