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Supporting your child on their adventure of a lifetime

Welcome to VACorps, where your child’s journey in Cape Town becomes an opportunity for unparalleled personal and professional growth.

As your child prepares for this remarkable adventure, we’re here to address your queries and provide essential insights into their upcoming experience.

Parent testimonials

At VACorps, our success stories are woven through the words of parents and participants who’ve witnessed the transformative impact of our programs firsthand. Here’s a glimpse into their journeys:

Liz and Don Gips

“We researched many gap year programs for our son and were incredibly pleased with the VAC experience. The internship placement was thoughtful, and the internship itself was a substantive and enriching experience”

Thimmappa Anekonda

“For our daughter, Sima Anekonda, living outside the United States alone, especially in Cape Town, has been her lifetime dream. Our initial worries disappeared within a week or so of her stay in Cape Town mainly because of numerous group activities arranged by VACorps that helped her make a lot of new friends from across the world and made her feel like a big family.”

The power of experiential learning

Participating in our internship program, whether as a gap year experience or for university credit, holds immense value. Your child gains industry-specific skills and essential soft skills—communication, leadership, and problem-solving—crucial for their holistic development. Stepping beyond their familiar boundaries, they’ll embrace diverse cultures and experiences, fostering independence and resilience and shaping a transformative journey.

Trusted and reputable

VACorps has successfully connected interns with amazing organizations since 2006. VACorps has won multiple awards including ‘Best Intern Provider’ and ‘Top Internship Organization’ for our conscious efforts to continuously improve our offering to create the best possible experience we can. Year after year, the success of our talented intern alumni speak volumes about the organization we continue to build.

Arrival & orientation

Upon arrival, a dedicated VACorps staff member ensures a smooth transition—from airport pickup to settling into accommodation. A comprehensive orientation, including neighborhood tours, cultural experiences, and vital safety information, sets the stage for a confident start.

Crime contextualization

While acknowledging South Africa’s challenges, it’s crucial to contextualize safety perceptions. Cape Town, a top-rated travel destination, provides safe spaces for locals and visitors alike. Your child’s vigilance and responsible conduct are essential in staying secure.

Career benefits

In today’s competitive job market, an international internship stands out. It speaks volumes about dedication, adaptability, and a commitment to growth. It’s a powerful asset during job interviews, showcasing genuine interest and competence in their chosen field.

Safety & support

We prioritize your child’s safety and well-being. Our proactive measures, including a 24/7 emergency hotline and regular check-ins, ensure they navigate their experience securely. Our support team, approachable and caring, is always within reach to address any challenges or lifestyle queries.

Communication & contact

Equipped with a local SIM card, your child stays connected effortlessly. Cape Town’s network coverage ensures seamless communication, but our offices are just a call away for immediate assistance if you face any trouble contacting your child.

Academic and organization partners

We are one of the only programs in South Africa with formal university partnerships – a testament to the quality matches we create and the value we offer to interns, and the organizations and businesses they work for. Our university partners provide a trusted platform for students to maximize their internship experience by receiving course credits. We value our partners immensely, with some relationships dating as far back as 2007.

Friends from all over the world

Our program brings together a vibrant tapestry of individuals, forging connections and friendships that extend beyond borders. These relationships formed during their stay become an enriching aspect of their entire journey.

Our expertise and our dedicated team both sit in the heart of Cape Town. By focusing solely on this city, we’ve cultivated trusted networks and deep insights into the local internship landscape, ensuring tailored and impactful placements.

Meet our local team

The VACorps team is based in Cape Town and ready to support your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide comprehensive support ranging from Cape Town tips to general guidance and emergency situations.