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Sustainability Internships in South Africa

Sustainablability Internships in South Africa

South Africa provides a unique landscape for those interested in gaining experience in sustainable leadership & development.  Intern at one of a number of organizations, companies or government agencies in Cape Town that promote sustainable social, economic, cultural and environmental development.  Sustainability internships in South Africa can offer an interesting blend of involvement in grassroots projects, fieldwork projects and environmental, social and economic research projects. Regardless of your focus, you will gain an understanding of the challenges and triumphs of sustainability efforts in South Africa.

Types of sustainability internships in South Africa

Sustainability interns are placed with local organizations that play an active role in sustainable development practices. These organizations typically operate in the fields of environmental education programs, the green economy sector, conservation, climate change research centers, and organizations working with communities and food security. Interns work directly with service providers and assist with projects that are specific to their sustainable development goals. Some placements involve working closely with community-based organizations while other placements exist within an NGO or consultancy that drives meaningful change toward positive sustainable development.

Who should apply

Applicants who have a strong commitment to sustainability efforts, research experience, or particular interests in sociology, ecology, agriculture, conservation, environmental & marine science, anthropology, political science, community & urban studies, green technology, economics, and engineering are encouraged to apply.

The benefits of participating in sustainable development internships in South Africa:

  • Gain Valuable Field Experience: Work within the specific field of sustainable development that relates to your professional interests.
  • Experiential Learning: You will be placed in a professional setting that allows you to work hands-on with professionals in your particular field.
  • Create an Impact: Cape Town has both a unique environment worth preserving and significant poverty that needs eradication. Both of these facts provide an opportunity for sustainable development to make a difference in the environment and economic structures of South Africa.
  • Career Building: In addition to the practical job exposure, your internship will help you build your professional resume/CV with invaluable international work experience.

If you are interested in participating in one of our sustainable development internships in Cape Town, please contact us today to begin your application process.

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