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Law internships in Cape Town.

If you are interested in a law internship in South Africa, our program offers some excellent opportunities within this field. Many of our finest legal internship opportunities involve human rights law in South Africa, though we also offer more traditional law internships in startup and environmental sectors too. Our human rights law internships in Cape Town are arguably our most unique internship offerings within the legal field because many firms and NGOs work directly with the South Africa Parliament to promote human rights causes.

Law internships in Cape Town through VACorps:

There is a rich legal tradition in South Africa and legal scholars from across the globe admire the South African Constitution, which was drafted in 1994 after the end of Apartheid. At the very heart-and-soul of South Africa’s new Constitution is the promotion of human rights. Apartheid created deep racial divisions South Africa and the new government continues to combat prejudice, xenophobia, gender inequality, poverty and racism in communities. As a human rights intern, you will be placed directly within this dynamic legal environment.

Past human rights law internship placements include the following:

  • Human rights law firms
  • HIV/AIDS advocacy NGOs
  • Human rights policy centres
  • Refugee centres
  • Environmental law firms
  • Government organizations

The benefits of a participating in a law internship in South Africa:

Become familiar with South African & International Law— Learn more about the intricacies of the South African legal code and work alongside qualified lawyers.

Intern in a country that is famous for its human rights law traditions— The South African Constitution is revered as one of the most progressive and liberal constitutions in the world. Many of our human rights law internships will give you access to individuals who have been victims of human rights abuses.

Work directly within the communities you serve through your daily internship work— Many of our best Cape Town law internship offerings are located at small grassroots NGOs that are based in the townships (low-income areas of the city). In such an internship setting, your daily work responsibilities will have a tangible impact on the communities you are serving.

If you are interested in participating in one of our law internships in Cape Town, please contact us today to begin the application process.

Law internship highlights from VACorps Alumni:

“Local residents often walk in for consultations to seek assistance from our organization regarding their human rights abuses. Usually, interns meet with them and then consult with the attorneys about whether or not our organization can assist them. If not, we refer them to another organization that can assist them. On my last day at my internship site, a woman came in with a gift to thank me for assisting her. However, all I did was listen to her problem and then refer her to another human rights organization that could better assist her. Yet she still appreciated the fact that I listened to her complaint and gave her the time of day. She appreciated it enough to remember when my last day was and make the initiative to come back to the office just to say bye to me. That’s something I will hold onto for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have ended my last day at my internship any better than that.” — Palak Kaushal.

From our VACorps Alumni profile with Josh Dilk, a must-read for any serious human rights internship candidate:  “My human rights internship in Cape Town was a wonderful education in ground-level human rights work. I inspected a mental health facility, gathered information at a refugee center in De Doorns, and was able to draft reports that were sent to the South African Parliament.”

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Meet past participants:

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Cinthya Vasquez – Monterry, Mexico (2019)

Cinthya joined the VACorps Program in 2019 and participated in an International Trade Law Internship. "I have been in Cape Town for almost 2 months now and I am totally in love with the city [...]

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