Project Description

Engineering Internships in Cape Town.

Cape Town engineering internships are some of the more competitive and prestigious internship positions offered by our program. By participating in an engineering internship in South Africa, you will work alongside established South African engineers and gain international internship experience in a country that is home to many of the leading engineering firms in all of Africa. The South African economy is growing at a fast rate, particularly within the city of Cape Town, and there is a high demand for engineering companies to assist with the nation’s development needs.

We will help you create an engineering internship placement in South Africa that will help you further your professional interests. Candidates for our engineering internships are expected to have a strong theoretical understanding of engineering and/or prior experience working on engineering projects. Our most rewarding internships involve work in the sustainability sector (watch video above). We have placed program participants at internship sites in the following engineering fields:

  • Sustainable (Solar & Wind) Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Robotics & Aeronautical
  • Landscape Design & Architecture
  • Biotech

The requirements for an Engineering placement in Cape Town:

  • Minimum 3-month commitment
  • Prior field experience
  • Copy of transcripts
  • Preferably master’s degree students

Contact us today to learn how you can apply for a Cape Town engineering internship. As a reminder, all of our internship opportunities are unpaid. For more details, please review our program cost page.

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Meet past participants:

Madison Weg – Ellensburg, Washington, USA (2019)

Madison joined the VACorps Program in January 2019 and participated in a Disaster and Risk Management Internship in January 2019. "My time in Cape Town has been an experience I will never forget. I have [...]

Kyler Bruno – Portland, Oregon

My experience with VAC has been nothing less than amazing. Living and working within the city of Cape Town has been an eye opener in so many ways. Cape Town is a city like none [...]

Brad Byrd – Los Angeles, California

As I look back on my time in Cape Town, it was just as I expected, but at the same time unexpected. I expected many things about my internship, the culture, and my experiences. I [...]

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