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Journalism internships abroad in Cape Town

If you are searching for a journalism internship abroad, VACorps offers ideal opportunities for journalism students, communications students and individuals with an interest in writing and/or publishing. All of our Cape Town journalism and communications internships are situated in a vibrant city with a variety of media centers.

VACorps offers a range of journalism internship opportunities abroad in Cape Town

As a participant of one of our journalism internships abroad, you will gain experience working within a foreign media while producing work that will help you develop your professional portfolio.

South Africa is home to a very active and outspoken media that takes its role as the “fourth estate” quite seriously. During Apartheid, the government routinely censored media content if it contained any sympathies towards the anti-Apartheid movement. Today, freedom of press is alive and well in South Africa, and journalists regularly launch vocal opposition to controversial government practices.

The South African Parliament is located in Cape Town and you will enjoy the opportunity to cover South Africa’s complex political landscape if you have an interest in political journalism. Several of South Africa’s leading magazines have editorial offices in the city and journalism internship opportunities exist with local publications such as outdoor magazines and travel guides. Any journalism student should consider applying to our program because we have internships that will satisfy most majors. Past internship placements within the field of journalism and communications have included the following:

  • Copy writing
  • News editorial
  • Magazine
  • Radio
  • Photojournalism
  • Broadcast journalism
  • Documentary Film
  • Online media

Why you should consider one of our  journalism internships:

  • Work with South African journalists and communications professionals.
  • Get your work published and build your professional portfolio.
  • Live and work in Cape Town, a city with a wealth of subject matter.
  • Spend much of your time exploring the city as opposed to working behind a desk.
  • Establish international professional contacts.
  • Work within an industry that uses the same professional standards as The States or Europe.
  • Receive an internship placement that directly relates to your career objectives within the field of journalism and communications.

Interning within the South African media is an experience you are not soon to forget. Please contact us today to fin dout more about what oppertunities we have available.

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Meet past participants:

Spencer Meyers, New York, USA (2023)

Spencer joined the VACorps Program as part of his Gap Year and participated in a media internship at a local television station.  "My experience with VACorps in Cape Town has been nothing short of [...]

Jonah Lieberman, Massachusetts, USA (2023)

Jonah joined the VACorps Program in January 2023 and participated in a journalism internship at a local radio station.  "I chose VACorps because I wanted to travel somewhere far and very different and live [...]

Reyna Wilson, Indianapolis, USA (2022)

Reyna is studying Film at DePauw University.  She joined the VACorps Program in September 2022 and participated in an internship at a local Television station. "My time in Cape Town has been nothing but [...]

Jens Philip Magnus, Norway (2022)

Jens is studying for his bachelor's degree in comparative politics at Bergen University. He joined the VACorps program in September 2022, and participated in a journalism internship.  "I came to Cape Town to join [...]

Tracy Alele, Nairobi, Kenya (2022)

Tracy is studying a BA in Animation at the United States International University in Nairobi.  She joined the VACorps program in February 2022 and participated in a graphic design internship at a communications company.  [...]

Benjamin Rappaport, North Carolina, USA (2022)

Benjamin is majoring in Media Journalism at the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He joined the VACorps program in January 2022 and participated in a journalism internship at a local radio station.  "VACorps [...]

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