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Technology Internship Abroad

Technology Internship Abroad in Cape Town

South Africa is an exciting destination in which to do a technology internship abroad. The city boasts a bustling tech start-up scene and is also also host to a large numbers of more established technology companies such as Amazon, IBM, and Oracle.  Cape Town, aka the “Silicon Cape” is Africa’s Tech Capital, and it is estimated that 60% of all African Tech startups have their feet firmly planted within the Cape Town City Centre. The number of companies VACorps partners with continues to grow year-on-year, largely driven by investment from local VC’s and international funders, who see strong promise in this developing market.

Why do a Technology Internship Abroad in Cape Town?

Many South African tech companies aim to address unique social problems within the South African community, while others focus on increasing efficiencies by decreasing the cost of production and helping small businesses scale. A Technology Internship abroad will allow you to gain a unique perspective on the very important role the technology industry plays in a developing economy. As you gain experience, learn new skills and expand your network, you will also see how a different culture uses technology to address its own unique market needs.

Our startup and technology internships in Cape Town differ from the fast-paced, profit-driven companies in the developed world as we have partnered with companies that aim to leverage technology as a means of alleviating poverty, empowering young entrepreneurs, and paving the way to a new generation of previously disadvantaged, middle-class South Africans.

These include, but are not limited to:

Fin-Tech Internships in Cape Town

Many people living in Africa do not have access to traditional banks and bank accounts, which makes the Fin-Tech industry on the continent a particularly relevant and important. Many South African Fin-Tech companies are expanding into the rest of Africa and are revolutionizing the financial services landscape.  These companies increase financial inclusivity by helping the unbanked gain access to financial services at much lower rates than traditional brick and mortar institutions. Whether you are a finance/business major or are studying computer science, a Fin-Tech internship in Cape Town will give you relevant hands-on experience in a culturally different market space that is rapidly changing and expanding.

Software Development Internships in Cape Town

VACorps works with many non-profit, start-ups and more established tech companies within the civic-tech, fin-tech, insure-tech, retail-tech, and social-tech industries.  You will gain the opportunity to build upon your existing software development skills in a culturally unique business environment.  Having a firm grasp of Python, C, C++, JavaScript and Java will really make your application standout.

Tech Start-Up Internships in Cape Town

Cape Town has a rich tech-start-up culture, and boasts a large number of start-ups in e-commerce, insure-tech, retail-tech, digital connectivity, enabling technologies, capital markets, data and behavioral analytics, blockchain and many more.

All of these internships are relevant for those with the following goals and/or educational backgrounds:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Business & Finance students/graduates
  • Data Science & Machine Learning students/graduates
  • Computer Science students/graduates
  • Sales & Marketing students/graduates
  • Organizational & Behavioral Psychology students/graduates
  • Human Resources students/graduates
  • MBA students/graduates
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Meet past participants:

Yazan Badarny, Tel Aviv, Israel (2021)

Yazan is a Computer Science and Management Studies graduate from Tel Aviv University. He joined the VACorps Program in January 2021 and did an internship at a tech startup. "I was looking for a [...]

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Katie S – North Carolina, USA (2019)

Katie is studying towards a Computer Science degree at the University of North Carolina,  Chapel Hill.  She joined the VACorps program  in June 2019, and participated in a civic-tech internship. "I came to Cape [...]

  • Business and finance internships in South Africa

Oliver Nielson- Copenhagen, Denmark (2019)

Oliver is studying towards his Bachelors Degree in International Business at the University of Copenhagen. He joined the VACorps Program in June 2019 and interned at a Technology Incubator.  "I chose to come to [...]

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