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Sports Management Internship Abroad

Sports Management Internships Abroad in Cape Town, South Africa

VACorps offers sports management internships abroad in the beautiful and diverse city of Cape Town, South Africa. Learn new skills by working alongside experienced professionals in the sports media, sports marketing, sports PR, sports event planning and sports management. This is an ideal way to gain work experience if you’re passionate about sport and are considering a career in any of these fields. These internship opportunities will improve your resume for future study applications or jobs and expose you to an exciting new culture of sports in the sports loving nation of South Africa. This is a great opportunity for personal development, as you develop workplace skills, work with clients, meet deadlines and build confidence.

Why do Sports Management Internships Abroad in Cape Town?

Sport is South Africa’s national religion – it transcends race, politics and culture groups and unites the country in a way that little else does. For many young disadvantaged South Africans sport is a way to avoid street time and gangsterism. In South Africa, sport breaks down racial barriers in ways that governments cannot. It is an essential part of the DNA of the country, which makes South Africa an exceptionally exciting destination in which to a sports management internship.

South Africa is a land of sporting opportunities and home of world-class sporting facilities capable of accommodating tens of thousands of spectators in comfort. There’s every form of summer sport you can expect from a country with a surplus of sunshine and wide-open space – from horse-riding, volleyball, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing to the country’s most famous sports, golf, surfing, tennis, rugby, cricket, swimming, hockey and soccer/football. South Africa has bred world champions among its swimmers, surfers, athletes, golfers, boxers, gymnasts, tennis players and more.

Sports Media Internships in Cape Town

Work with Digital Sports Content Companies to create journalism copy and graphic digital content for third party sports companies and organizations – this will entail both graphic and written coverage of live sporting events and the editing of the coverage. At times interns may need to assist the social media/marketing teams with content.

Sports Marketing Internships in Cape Town

Obtain an in-depth view of all aspects of sport marketing – from managing social media, writing blogs, creating marketing emails, editing powerpoint presentations, organizing events, reaching out to journalists, organizing events and marketing at the events to gaining further knowledge and experience in SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, content creation, graphic design, community outreach and more.

Sports Management Internships in Cape Town

Sport management internships take place in businesses dealing with sports and recreation. Internship opportunities include working alongside and assisting the front office system in professional sports, youth sports managers, recreational sport managers, sports event management, sport facility management, sports economics, sport finance, and sports statistics, data analysis and information.

Sports management internships are relevant for people with the following goals and interests:

  • Passionate about sport with potential prior personal experience in sport
  • Interested in working with teams, brands, agents, coaches, fans and corporate partners
  • Positive, self-starting, success-seeking and hard-working individual who demands excellence in your work
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Understanding of the fact that work hours will not necessarily be the regular 8 – 5 pm Mon- Friday as sports matches are often played on weekends and after-hours
  • Build your resume, obtain observation hours, stand out in applications
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Meet past participants:

Elise Wilson, Florida, USA (2022)

Elise joined the VACorps Program in January 2022 and participated in an internship at a children's sports coaching organization.  She is studying for a BA in Sports Management at Flagler College, St. Augustine, FLorida.  [...]

Oliver Bradbury, Nottingham, UK (2022)

Oliver (pictured on the right) is studying towards a degree in Sports Science and Management at Nottingham Trent University.  He joined the VACorps Program in September 2021 and participated in a   "I chose Cape [...]

Alexandra Edmunds – Ontario, Canada (2020)

Alexandra is a high school student at St Ignatius of Loyola, Oakville.  She joined the VACorps program in June 2020 and participated in a remote internship at a local NGO that that empowers and [...]

Matthew Heilman – Indiana, USA (2020)

Matthew is studying his BA in Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in International Development Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Notre Dame.  He joined the VACorps program in June 2020 and [...]

  • Sports Management Internships Abroad

Jay Klein – Ohio, USA (2019)

Jay is in his third year of study at Depauw University ,where he is completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. He joined the VACorps program in February 2019 and did a sports marketing [...]

  • Gap Year Internships in South Africa

Matthew Rodriguez – New York, USA (2019)

Matt participated in a Sports Media Internship as part of his GAP year in 2019, where he interned at a sports television broadcasting company. After his GAP year, Matt will go on to study [...]

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