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counseling and psychology internship in Cape Town

Counseling and Psychology Internships in South Africa

Counseling and psychology internships in South Africa will expose you to the complexities of South Africa’s mental health care system. Our internship placements will give you unique access to counseling and social support services in South Africa. Whether you are interested in a counseling internship at an NGO, a clinical placement at a rehabilitation center or an organizational psychology internship at a for-profit company,  we will find you an internship that matches your interests and objectives.

VACorps offers a wide range of counseling and psychology internships in Cape Town

What would your counseling and psychology internship in Spouth Africa look like? Here are some example sites that have hosted VACorps interns in the past:

Children’s shelter: Intern at an innovative therapeutic and developmental residential environment for vulnerable young women from Cape Town who have been traumatized and removed from their families for their own protection by an order of the local children’s court. It is one of the few residential care facility, offering care for teenage girls (see video below to learn more).

Trauma Counseling Center: Interns participate in program facilitation for child survivors of family violence and present workshops to South African children to help them cope with anger, aggression, and rejection. The children learn problem-solving skills that will help them use alternatives to violence in the future.

Homeless Counseling Center: Provides Psycho-Social Intervention Services to assist vulnerable members of the homeless population with material assistance such as accommodation, food vouchers, clothes, and blankets, as well as to provide psycho-social support in the form of counseling or referral to appropriate institutions.

HIV/AIDS clinic: Work with HIV/AIDS counselors to conduct HTS pre and post-test counseling. Pre-test counseling that is done in a proper and comprehensive way prepares the client and counselor for more effective post-test counseling. Because clients are often too relieved or shocked to take on much information during post-test counseling, the healthcare professional makes use of the educational opportunities offered by pre-test counseling.

Organizational Psychology Placement: Intern in the Human Resource department of a private company, and see how South African companies solve problems in the workplace and work to improve their employee’s quality of life.

Clinical placement: These opportunities are very competitive and are typically for our master’s degree students. Here, you’ll have the chance to increase your observation hours and learn the intricacies of delivering mental health counseling in a clinical environment

Why do a counseling and psychology internship in South Africa?

Other advantages of counseling and psychology internships in South Africa include considerations such as:

  • Knowing you’re helping where it’s needed most – By using your skills to uplift and empower individuals and families that struggle with illness, poverty or debt you’ll be giving invaluable hope and support. As a trainee counselor, you’ll find endless opportunities to assist those in need of guidance.
  • Building an impressive practical resume – Theoretical knowledge is vital for a solid foundation and understanding of counseling, but there’s no substitute for real-world learning. When you take an internship, you’ll be placed in authentic situations that will require you to draw on and apply what you’ve learned and use the hours to count towards your professional degrees.
  • Exposure to various different scenarios – A counselor needs to be able to adapt to a wide range of situations. The advice you’d give to a physically traumatized teenager is not the same as what a pensioner needs when he’s lost his life savings. Your time in Cape Town will allow you to apply and build your knowledge in diverse circumstances amongst diverse cultures.
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Meet past participants:

Olivia Kaminski, California, USA (2022)

Olivia is studying for a B.A. in Psychology and an A.A. in Studio Art and Religious Studies from the University of Redlands. She joined the VACorps program in September 2022 and participated in a [...]

Petronilla Murithi, Kenya (2022)

Petronella (pictured on the right) currently works at UNICEF and is studying toward her Master's in Counselling Psychology at Webster University, Geneva. She joined the VACorps Program in September 2022 and participated in a [...]

Chae Reid, New Jersey, United States (2022)

Chae (pictured on the far right) is studying for her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy at Lesley University.  She joined the VACorps program in June 2022 and participated in a [...]

Allison Burns,Virginia, USA (2022)

Allison is studying for a BA in Psychology at the University of Delaware.  She joined the VACorps program in July 2022, and participated in a psychology internship at a private clinic in Cape Town.   [...]

Ashlyn Delaney, Connecticut, USA (2022)

Ashlyn is studying Psychology at Fairfield University. She joined the VACorps Program in June 2022 and participated in a clinical psychology internship at a private clinic.  "I have had an amazing time in Cape [...]

Macouba F, Winterthur, Switzerland (2022)

Macouba is studying psychology and biomedicine at the University of Zurich.  She joined the VACorps program in January 2022, and participated in a clinical psychology internship.  "I chose Cape Town because a friend of [...]

Eman Watad, Jerusalem, Israel (2022)

Eman joined the VACorps program in January 2022 and participated in a social work internship at an NGO that supports expecting and new mothers and families. She studied for her BA in Social work [...]

Allison Tarbotton, New Jersey, USA (2022)

Allison (pictured third from the left) joined the VACorps program in January 2022 during her GAP year and participated in a public health internship. She will begin her studies at Northeastern University in the [...]

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