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Public Health Internships in Cape Town

If you’re considering a career in Public Health, VACorps offers an excellent selection of internships in South Africa. As a public health intern in our program, you will be working alongside qualified healthcare professionals in conducting epidemiological research, assessing access to care in South Africa, research, data collection, and education outreach programs in the community. South Africa faces many serious healthcare issues, including high rates of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis – especially among women and young children. There is a high demand for healthcare in low-income areas of the city and many public hospitals and clinics lack appropriate funding and access to primary care. The overall experience will give you first-hand access to South Africa’s public healthcare system and will teach you a wide-range of skills that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.

Our Public Health Internships offer:

  • Gain a familiarity with South Africa’s healthcare system
  • Assessment of South Africa’s primary care healthcare needs
  • Gain a unique understanding of HIV/AIDS and TB epidemic in South Africa
  • Shadow and interact with established healthcare professionalsW
  • Work directly in the communities that you will be serving during your internship
  • Conduct health research, provide technical support, and partake in information
    dissemination workshops
  • Qualitative and quantitative health analysis
  • Conduct and create surveys to better assess the quality of care patients receive
  • Discover a new culture and the health-related challenges South Africans face
  • Understand the inner-working of a healthcare NPO

“The colleagues were so amazing! And they let me work on my own projects, so I would choose things I was interested in and help on that. That was so helpful. They also sent me to do data collection on a trip to Eastern Cape, which was unforgettable. The whole thing was based entirely around educating us.” -Michelle Frederickson (Masters of Public Health)

Everyone is incredibly welcoming, warm, and knowledgeable. It was great to work in a site where they genuinely care about you and your learning.“- Lynn Zhang (Northeastern University)

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Meet past participants:

  • Engineering Internship in Cape Town - Viriginia Detrick

Virginia Detrick— North Carolina, USA (2018)

I chose to intern abroad in Cape Town because I was looking to experience living abroad in a place completely unique from what I was used to in the United States. I had previously participated [...]

Noah Goldman – North Carolina, USA (2018)

Noah joined the VACorps program in June 2018 and participated in a Human Rights internship. "I chose to come to Cape Town because it was a good opportunity to add hands-on experience to my studies [...]

Shelby Erdahl – Montana, US (2018)

  Shelby joined the VACorps program in May 2018 and participated in a Physical Therapy Placement. "I chose Cape Town as a place to study abroad because it was somewhere that I had always [...]

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