Choose the right speech pathology internship for you

Speech Pathology & Audiology internships in Cape Town

VACorps provides fantastic practical, real-world internship opportunities in speech pathology and audiology in Cape Town. We’ll match you with seasoned mentors for hands-on training in exactly your area of interest.

Our speech pathology and audiology internships will help you gain hands-on experience to boost your skills and confidence, broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding of the practice, and learn more about global healthcare issues.

Speech pathology and audiology internships through VACorps

Speech pathology

Gain practical experience on how to help people (most often, children) with physical or developmental delays to improve their ability to communicate with the people around them.


Learn how to diagnose and treat hearing disorders and improve communication abilities in patients of all ages through clinical placements with licensed audiologists in various settings.

Choose the right setting for you

Our speech-language pathology and audiology internships in Cape Town differ from those in first-world countries in that you will most likely get a lot more hands-on experience than what you are used to. We’ll place you in clinics, private practices, schools and more where you can refine your interests, observe surgeries, and shadow seasoned therapists making breakthroughs.


Gain deep industry experience

You will gain insight into which specific field of the profession you would like to focus on, and you will develop much confidence in your career decisions and skills.

Benefits of a speech pathology & audiology internship in Cape Town

Gain hands-on patient experience
Fast track skills application through immersive learning
Receive mentor guidance from patient care veterans
Enjoy beach days with new friends

The time is now to explore, connect, and invest in yourself in Cape Town. Let us match you with an experience that counts.

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