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Speech Pathology and Audiology Internships Abroad

Speech Pathology and Audiology Internships Abroad in Cape Town

Hands-on learning experiences in speech pathology and audiology abroad can be difficult to find, however, VACorps provides fantastic practical, real-world internship opportunities in Cape Town in both these fields. Internship opportunities in communicative studies will give you enough hands-on experience to boost your skills and confidence, broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding of the practice and learn more about global healthcare issues. You will learn new skills by observing the work of experienced and licensed professionals, which is an ideal way to gain hearing and speech therapy work experience if you’re starting a career in the field.

Why do a do a speech pathology and audiology internship abroad in Cape Town?

Our speech-language pathology and audiology internships in Cape Town differ from those in first-world countries in that you will most likely get a lot more hands-on experience than what which you are used to. This will push you out of your comfort zone and help you learn which population of people you would prefer to work with. You will gain insight into which specific field of the profession you would like to focus on, and will develop much confidence in your career decision and skills. A speech-language pathology or audiology internship through VACorps will give you an increased understanding of the profession as a whole.

Speech Pathology Internships in Cape Town

Speech therapy focuses on voice and speech-language skills. Speech-language pathologists or Speech Therapists work with people (most often, children) with physical or developmental delays to improve their ability to communicate with the people around them.

Speech-language pathologists work with children who are born with cleft palate/lip as well as with adults who have impaired communication from a stroke or a car accident.

Choose to do your internship with licensed Speech Pathologists in one of several work settings within Cape Town. VACorps has established internship opportunities within Private Practice, home consults, and consultations in hospital /rehabilitative settings, at mainstream or special-needs schools and in certain NGO settings.

Audiology Internships in Cape Town

Hearing therapy/audiology deals with hearing, balance, hearing impairment and assistive hearing devices.

The prevalence of hearing loss and balance disorders increases as people age and since life expectancies are increasing and the baby-boom population is aging there is a greater demand for audiologists. The early identification and diagnosis of hearing disorders in infants is also spurring growth in the audiology profession. Advances in hearing aid design, are making these devices more appealing as a means to minimize the effects of hearing loss which is also leading to a demand for audiologists.

VACorps has established relationships with licensed audiologists based in various settings- hospitals, schools, private practices and assistive devices creators within Cape Town that can provide you will the following experiences:

  • Determine the existence and type of hearing impairments
  • Provide rehabilitative services
  • Assess amplification devices, such as hearing aids
  • Teach individuals ways in which they can make the best use of their remaining hearing
  • Observe and possibly assist with the following procedures: tracheotomy, endoscopy, removal of foreign objects in the ears and cochlear implant

Speech pathology and audiology internships are relevant for those with the following goals and character traits:

  • Passionate about helping people
  • Interested in working with babies, children, stroke patients, the elderly
  • Interested in improving assessment & reporting skills
  • Particular interest in stutter, cleft-palate, aphasia, relearnt language and speech skills, voice disorders, etc.
  • Interest in working in a holistic environment alongside an ENT team
  • Prevention and early identification programs.
  • Interest in sign language
  • You display or would like to improve good communication skills, compassion, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills and patience.
  • Build your resume, obtain observation hours, stand out in applications
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