Placement Resolution Process

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Placement Resolution Process

Guidance for Handling Challenges at Your Internship Site

When you encounter difficulties during your internship, we’re here to support you in addressing these issues effectively. Please consider the following steps:

Reach Out to Us

Your program advisor is your first point of contact if you face challenges at your internship site. We are committed to ensuring your internship is a positive and educational experience. We’ll provide assistance in any way we can to help you overcome your challenges.

Engage in Open Communication with Your Supervisor

If you encounter challenges or feel the need for clearer direction, it’s crucial to discuss this with your supervisor. We strongly recommend regular meetings with your supervisor to ensure that both your expectations align. Should you require assistance with facilitating this conversation, don’t hesitate to inform your program advisor. We’re more than willing to help mediate a discussion between you and your supervisor.

Exercise Patience

Adapting to your internship site can take time, often beyond the initial two weeks. Finding your place within the host organization may not be effortless, but remember that the most valuable learning experiences occur when you step outside your comfort zone. Embrace the differences you encounter with an open mind and a willingness to learn from them.

Complete the Internship Resolution Packet

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you’re facing and how best to address them, we request that you complete our Placement Resolution Packet. Additionally, you’ll be asked to fill out the internship questionnaire again as part of this process.

Alternative Placement Options

If all other resolution processes have been exhausted, and your challenges persist, we will explore the possibility of placing you at an alternative internship site. Please understand that this is a complex process and will take approximately two weeks.