Kholosa Potwana

Kholosa Potwana also known as Kholi is an enthusiast. Born, bred and buttered (as South Africans like to put it) in Cape Town but originally from Eastern Cape, South Africa. Kholi is a facilitator, artist, and entrepreneur. She has a passionate and loving personality and is warm and adventurous. With a deep passion for people, she likes mountains, traveling, and reading books. When not involved in these activities she can be found listening to South African music: kwaito, jazz, hip-hop, and soul. With experience in leading groups on different projects, Kholi is your girl when it comes to familiarising yourself with the locals. She has completed the Spirit of the Wild Intuitive guiding course in 2008, which puts you in capable hands for local walks and making you feel comfortable in the most unfamiliar of environments.3