Ace Dowling

Texas, USA


Ace joined the VACorps GAP Year Program between January and March 2024, and participated in a internship at an eco-tourism company in Cape Town.

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Choosing Cape Town for my Gap Year internship was a no-brainer. I’d heard amazing things about the city, and doing an internship while traveling sounded like the perfect combo to boost my CV and explore new places. It was a bit scary at first, being on my own and handling work responsibilities for the first time, but it turned out to be a major confidence booster and made me feel like a proper adult.

Living in Cape Town taught me a lot about independence. From making everyday decisions to going on epic adventures like marine safaris, I felt totally capable of handling anything that came my way. I feel that because of this experience I could live anywhere in the world by myself and feel very confident about it. VACorps did a great job at fostering a sense of community amongst program participants.  I made amazing friends here from all over the world, and it was truly special to have the opportunity to explore the beautiful country with such an amazing group of people. Two months flew by, and I wouldn’t change a thing. VACorps made it all easy, from orientation to weekly activities like surfing lessons. I’m so grateful for these unforgettable experiences and the awesome people who made it all possible. If you’re planning to come to Cape Town, get ready for the time of your life!