Christina Howe

Saskatchewan, Canada


Christina is studying social work at the University of Regina. She joined the VACorps Program in January 2024 and participated in a social work internship at a child and youth care center.  

My time with VACorps has been nothing short of amazing. I have made many memories that will last a lifetime. I built incredibly strong relationships with the staff as well as other interns, and it has been extremely emotional having to say goodbye to everyone. I got to do so many things during this journey, including scuba diving, hiking Lion’s Head, many beach days, quad biking in the sand dunes, skydiving, and much, much more! My internship placement was the greatest place I have ever worked, and I absolutely adored the people I worked with. If anyone is hesitant about doing this program, I would fully encourage them to just do it as this will change their life in so many ways. It makes me sad having to say goodbye to all the people and the place, but I feel so lucky to have had this wonderful experience.