Emma Forbes
New York, USA

“Cape Town is funny. You fly here knowing absolutely no one, only that you have a place to stay and an internship. You know nothing of the wonderful experience you are about to embark on and I think that is what makes it so special. You come here practically blind and end up leaving your new family and a piece of yourself in South Africa.

“It’s not just the experiences of shark cage diving, hiking table mountain, watching the sunset in Camps Bay or watching whales breach off of Cape Point. Your time here is spent sharing that with people you had no idea existed until maybe a few weeks ago. These people become more then your friends, housemates, or co-workers. They become a part of you, and you them. The greatest moment is when you can turn to someone speechless of everything and have them just smile back as hard as you are.

“My time in Cape Town has been the most wonderful experience. I have done things I would have never imagined. I have met some of the most extraordinary people. I have never laughed so hard over a three month period or enjoyed the company of so many friends. There was never a moment I would’ve wished I was anywhere else. Having a place like this and people like these are what changes you. That’s what makes Cape Town so funny. You come here thinking you know who you are and what you want and discover so much more.

“People warn you that leaving this extraordinary place is hard. You usually smile at them give them a hug and think ‘I have so much more time left’. Time is an illusion. It flies by, and soon you are standing in those people’s shoes trying to explain how hard a goodbye is. Though, the goodbye isn’t forever. That’s the other funny thing about Cape Town, goodbyes don’t exist, it’s a simple ‘See you just now’ a hug and you know you will see everyone of those people again. So to Cape Town and all of my new family members, “See you just now!””