Justin Dybka
Manitoba, Canada

“I came to this country not knowing what to expect at all. After being here for four months I can honestly say that it was and will be some of the best times of my life. There was very rarely a dull moment. It seemed like there was always something to do and new things to explore. If you are an outdoors person you will love it here. I enjoyed hiking, surfing and going to the numerous beaches the most. The city is amazing, unlike anywhere I have ever been. The scenery is fantastic, the people are friendly and it is rich in culture. As great as Cape Town was itself, the many people I met here were just as big a part of making the experience so amazing. From the day you arrive to the day you leave you are constantly going to be meeting new people from all over the world. The program attracts awesome people who are very adventurous and you will always be able to find others who are willing to get out and do something.

“The staff at Volunteer Adventure Corps (VAC) were very good. You could always count on them to help you out and they made the transition to life in Cape Town very smooth. They really do feel more like your friends than people who work for you. The weekly activities were a good way to get out and see the area. I would also highly recommend going on one of the trips that VAC organizes. My internship at a civil engineering firm was exactly what I was looking for coming out of college. It started out a bit slow but by the end of my time I had a lot of interesting work and responsibility on projects all across South Africa.

“This was a great way to gain some valuable work experience and do some travelling before I look to find a permanent job. I am very grateful for having this opportunity and am left with so many amazing memories. I will miss my time here very much and hope to come back soon. I also hope to keep in touch with all the awesome people I met out here.”

-Justin Dybka, pictured during a VAC Township Braai.