Kate Larson

Massachusetts, USA


Kate joined the VACorps program as part of her gap year in January 2024, and participated in an internship at a youth training and empowerment NGO. 

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After spending the fall of my gap year traveling and having fun, I decided that I wanted to choose a program where I could continue to have a good time in a new place, but where I would also be able to do something somewhat academic and related to what I wanted to pursue in my future. I was in Cape Town for just over two months and I interned at a nonprofit that supports and aids unemployed youth and young entrepreneurs. While my internship ended up being not at all what I had expected,  I did have a good time and got to meet some really kind and interesting people. I learned how to interact in a workplace, as well as how to advocate for myself, figuring out more about what I want to do in university and in life.

Outside of my internship, I had a wonderful time in SA, getting to see the most beautiful places and do it with my amazing fellow interns and roommates. I met some of my best friends here and got to do such fun things. I highly recommend Clifton 4th beach, the Old Biscuit Mill market, and especially Sonder Cafe (the best iced coffee and brunch food within walking distance of the office in Obs)! While it was definitely a learning experience living with 6 other people who hadn’t necessarily lived with anyone before, it was great to have a social community which I could come back to after my internship. Some of my highlights were going up Table Mountain to watch the sunset, a weekend trip to Stellenbosch, and wine tastings in Constantia. Truly, there is so much to do in Cape Town and you will never run out of activities! In general, VACorps was very supportive and hosted a ton of interesting weekly and introductory activities (which I highly recommend going to) that are not just fun but also informative about the culture and history of South Africa. If you are someone who wants to challenge themselves and also have a ton of fun doing so, I really recommend considering VACorps.