Tobias Woxholtt

On the 5th semester of my study, Intercultural Market Communication, you can either do an internship in Denmark or Study abroad somewhere. My problem was that I wanted to go abroad, but I wanted an internship, which was not normally a thing to do. It increased the bureaucracy markedly – this is where VAC came in and gave me a very helping hand in finding an internship placement, a place to stay and a smooth experience.

I chose Cape Town for many reasons besides all the recommendations from people I met all over the world. It was the Design Capital 2014, a lot of interesting cultural things are happening after Apartheid, Nelson Mandela’s death and such, it’s a BRICS country so there’s a lot of growth and potential in the nation and besides that nature is amazing: I had a 15 minutes ride to go kitesurfing and when I wanted to go jogging I just ran up into the mountain in my backyard where I was among beautiful sights, zebras and very often good friends.

Cape Town is calling me back and to start a company in the country is not unlikely – hope to see you soon CT, with all its people, parties and natural pleasures. Thanks to the young and talented VAC crew for making this time of my life unforgettable – hope to see you soon legends.