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Dress Codes in Cape Town

Dress codes in Cape Town align closely with most cities in the world, and the overall vibe in the city is notably casual. However, what you wear to your internship largely depends on the nature of the organization you are placed in, as some workplaces have specific dress codes. Here are some guidelines to consider:

Internship Dress Code Guidelines

  • Smart-Casual: Most internship sites lean towards a smart-casual dress code, but the degree of formality may vary. Upon starting your work, you will quickly gauge the appropriate attire. The key is to balance comfort with professionalism, taking weather conditions into account.
  • Hospital or Clinic Sites: If you’re placed in a hospital or clinic, you will likely be required to wear scrubs, with any color being acceptable.
  • School Sites: Dress more conservatively and professionally at school sites. Avoid short skirts, strappy/spaghetti string tops, shorts, and jeans.
  • Finance/Law Sites: These sites typically call for more formal attire, resembling business casual. Men are not expected to wear full suits and ties but should opt for long trousers, closed shoes, and collared shirts. Women often wear dresses, pencil skirts, or slacks, with jeans likely not permitted.
  • Creative Sites (Media, Film, Design, etc.) and Most NGOs: Expect a more relaxed dress code at creative and NGO sites, where jeans, sneakers, and casual attire are common.

Going Out at Night

  • While some clubs and restaurants may impose dress codes, you generally have the freedom to dress as elaborately or casually as you prefer.
  • For women, night out attire often includes dresses, nice jeans or slacks, fancier tops, and heels. However, casual dressing is also suitable for most nightlife destinations.
  • Men commonly opt for a nice pair of jeans, closed shoes, and a smart shirt when heading out for the evening.

Smart Casual Dress Code Examples

Woman’s summer smart casual

Women’s Winter Smart Casual

Men’s Summer Smart Casual

Men’s Winter Smart Casual