Cape Town Weather: What to expect

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Cape Town Weather: What to expect

Cape Town Weather

Cape Town boasts a “Mediterranean” climate, characterized by mild and wet winters, as well as famously sunny, warm, and dry summers.

Summer attracts visitors to Cape Town, who relish the long, sun-drenched days. However, there’s no need to be deterred by the term “winter.” Cape Town’s winters bear little resemblance to the harsh cold of Germany, England, or New York. Winters can be windy and rainy, but are comparatively mild and temperate.

The hottest and driest months occur from December to March, with daytime temperatures occasionally reaching the high 90s (above 35 degrees Celsius), though typically remaining below 80°F (27°C). July and August mark the wettest and coldest months, yet they can still be relatively mild, offering numerous sunny and relatively warm days between occasional cold fronts and rainstorms.

VACorps Session 1: January – April

The summer season: This is a popular time to join the VACorps Program, and the weather is glorious.  The city is full of tourists, and is lively and bustling during this summer season, with long daylight hours, great for post work outdoor activities.

VACorps Session 2 : May – August

The Fall/Winter Season: During this season, the city experiences milder temperatures as the summer heat diminishes, and the summer winds subside. The city transforms from dry summer browns to lush winter greens, with the majority of the annual rainfall occurring. The winter season alternates between cold and stormy spells, followed by warmer sunny days. This season coincides with the Northern hemisphere summer holidays, so it’s the busiest time for the VACorps program.

VACorps Session 3: September – December

The Spring/Early Summer Season: This season is characterized by warm weather, longer days, and a blooming landscape, creating a festive atmosphere. It’s an excellent time for outdoor activities, such as hikes in the mountains.  The VACorps Program is quieter during this season, offering a better chance to secure preferred internship sites and housing. If your schedule allows, coming during this time is highly recommended.