Kira Czech

Georgia, USA


Kira joined the VACorps program in September 2023 as part of  her Gap year, and participated in a marketing internship at a surf school.

Before coming to Cape Town, I had never lived away from home or in a different country. This was the best gap year experience I could have had. I learned so much every day by exploring this amazing city, which I had never visited before. Additionally, I gained incredible work experience and discovered a lot about what I want to study when I start school next fall. This program provided exactly what I was looking for this fall.

My personal goals for my internship experience were to determine if content creation for social media and photography were interests I wanted to pursue at university. I discovered that I really enjoy this type of work and would like to continue it in the future. I loved my internship because it offered a mix of activities; sometimes, I even got to get in the water with clients and help teach, which was super fun. Through my work, I met clients from all over the world, which was both fun and interesting.

The people I met during my time with VAC have become lifelong friends. Everyone working at VAC was always available whenever my roommates or I needed anything, and they made Cape Town feel like home as soon as I stepped off the plane. The Friday and Monday activities were amazing because they allowed me to see everyone from VAC, have a great time, and share lots of laughs while participating in super cool activities. Overall, my time in Cape Town was transformative, leaving me with unforgettable memories, new friendships, valuable skills, and a clearer direction for my future studies and career.