Matthew Phillips

New Jersey, USA


Matthew completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He joined the VACorps program in September 2023 and participated in an internship at a renewable energy consultancy

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Cape Town is one of the most interesting cities in the world. I never expected it to be the way it is. It is very multicultural and you will meet so many different and interesting people both within VACorps and outside. The city is incredibly alive and vibrant and there is always something to do and new places to try. The best part of my time in Cape Town was getting to know the other people in my program that I lived with. We became a family and shared many experiences that I will never forget.

I loved getting to explore the area surrounding Cape Town, the Western Cape is such a beautiful place and is worth getting to know. There are great beaches everywhere and the natural scenery is unmatched. I did my internship at with a clean energy consultant, and I learned a lot. I did a lot of broad research on the energy context in South Africa but also in other African countries. My boss gave me assignments that were interesting and allowed me to learn more about how the work being done to transition the country to clean energy.

This experience taught me that the world is a much bigger place than I thought. Cape Town is so multicultural that you cannot help but learn things about the rest of the world and the history that shaped this beautiful country.