Agnes Sokol
Windhoek, Namibia

“VACorps has an impressive list of internship placement sites offering interns a chance to work at some of Cape Town’s best organizations regardless of what your academic focus may be. My internship at the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust allowed me to learn first hand about development and fundraising in the private sector and has been a huge asset while applying for professional positions back in the U.S. Within my first week at the site, I was given responsibility for multi-million dollar grants and was able to work with various embassies, consulates and South African and U.S government agencies in developing our fundraising proposals. My time at Amy Biehl has recommitted me to the mission of the foundation and I am continuing my work with the org. back at home by holding fundraisers and benefits in DC.

“Taking part in the VACorps program definitely enriched my experience abroad. The program provides interns with a balance of being a strong support system and allowing for freedom and independence while exploring your new home.  I was able to work and play with people from all over the world and through VACorps have gained not only a vital internship experience but have also formed lifelong friendships with interns from the program.

“Participating in VACorps allowed us an insider’s look at life in Cape Town otherwise inaccessible to interns and students abroad. From delving into apartheid history at the District Six Museum, to sailing lessons at a local regatta, and helping to celebrate at a traditional Xhosa wedding, VACorps and their knowledge of the city offers program participants a much deeper immersion into the culture and history of South Africa. The fact that me and several other interns plan to reconnect and plan our way back is a testament to our wonderful experience and having enjoyed every minute of my time I would highly recommend the VACorps program to anyone heading to Cape Town!”