Demi Schiferaw

“Cape Town is definitely an amazing place to intern because you get to take advantage of the beautiful city and its vibrant in culture! There are so many interesting things to do on a daily basis! Cape Town is not easy to describe, but for sure it grows on you to a point where planning for a second trip becomes a natural reaction. VACorps has the most sincere, caring, and down-to-earth staff members who all contribute to your overall experience. From day 1, the VACorps staff make you feel at ease in a foreign country and teach you how to quickly find your “power walk” and confidence. VACorps is an organization dedicated to making your experience richer, and if you are an independent, open-minded traveler you will do very well in this program because you are given a great degree of personal freedom.

My internship at the Cape Town Refugee Centre is complicated to describe since the agency undergoes numerous types of activities on behalf of its clients that engage governments and local agencies. No two days were the same at this internship site! My internship was truly one of a kind because the staff not only helped me define a well-rounded social and professional attitude but also exposed me to many different cultural environments. My overall internship experience with VACorps was an outstanding growth experience and it means a lot to who I have become today.”