Alena Powell

New Jersey, USA


Alena joined the VACorps program n January 2023 as part of her Gap year and participated in a journalism internship at a local radio station.

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“During my gap year with VACorps in Cape Town, I’ve explored the unknown and stepped outside of my comfort zone. I’ve accomplished things that have scared me and have checked off some items on my bucket list. Cape Town’s beauty is indescribable and the proximity to the mountains, beaches, and city and melting pot of cultures is like no other. While interning at a local radio station in Cape Town, I got to co-host a show with segments on health and wellness, human rights, gender, labour, and arts & culture. I got to meet so many locals through interviews and opportunities here and as a result, I have a better understanding of South African culture. I’ve gained more insights into what career path I’d like to pursue, become more confident trying new things, and fostered familial relationships with my co-workers. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to create a healthy work-life balance.”