Alex Hoelscsher
Tennessee, USA

“It seems impossible to summarize the past few months in a fifteen page paper complete with pictures, diagrams and videos. I know this, because I tried to do just that for a class back home. That paper didn’t come close to doing my experience in Cape Town with Fly on the Wall and VAC justice. I think the best way to summarize the experience is by telling you who I was when I got on the United Flight out of Nashville, Tennessee headed 8,000 miles away for Cape Town, South Africa circa three months ago.

“Getting on that plane I had never bungee jumped before, I have now done the highest bungee jump in the world. I hadn’t mountain biked, swam with Crocs, hiked a Wonder of the World (Congrats Table Mountain), dove with sharks, been through anything like a township, worked for Red Bull, been on the set of a commercial or feature length documentary. I’ve done all those things now. I hadn’t stumbled through Long Street and had yet to even know those friends that would be stumbling right alongside me even existed. In fact, I didn’t have any friends who lived outside the US. I didn’t know how to surf, thought I knew what robots were and had never had any of the projects I worked on shown on a big screen to over 2,000 screaming fans. I have now done all of these things thanks to my internship with through Volunteer Adventure Corps. It’s the people that make the experience great. I’m so thankful I got on that plane.”