Amy Boyd
Eugene, Oregon USA

My time with VAC in Cape Town was everything I hoped it would be. Cape Town is big, busy and beautiful. There was always something new to do, see or taste and old favorites to revisit. The city itself was an adventure and VAC provided a comforting and supportive community in the midst of the excitement. Weekly events at Forex and the friendliness, helpfulness and enthusiasm of staff and other interns made the transition to life in a foreign country a breeze. I already miss the laid back South African style, the shouting from minibus windows and all the Cape Town accents.  My internship at the Cape Town Refugee Centre was inspiring. The clients and coworkers I met there gave me a new perspective on my future career and have touched me personally. What I cherish most about my time in South Africa is the amazing people I met from all over the world: VAC staff, fellow interns, the housemates of Station Road, coworkers and refugee clients. I sincerely thank everyone I met in Cape Town for making my experience inspiring, exciting and so much fun.