Lia Beveridge
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I didn’t know what to expect when I headed to Cape Town and I don’t think it would be possible to have loved my time in Cape Town anymore than I did. It was an amazing experience and would not have been possible without everyone in VAC. From all the work that was done to find me a placement, to the attention given on arrival to make sure one is comfortable with moving to Cape Town and to know the lay of the land. Cape Town is such a vibrant city, with so much to offer. It is not possible to be bored and not awed by the sights. I will never forget the views and love I felt for the city after the full moon sunset hike on Lion’s Head. If you are into outdoors activities – there is a plethora to choose from all in stunning locations, if you love food and wine – vineyards and markets to make your mouth water and if you love nightlife and music – there is never a shortage of options.

Unlike a lot of the persons in VAC I had been in the work place and out of university for several years and was looking for a change of scene and a bit of an adventure., but was also fairly nervous to do it. VAC took away the nerves in an instant and I definitely found the adventure. I lived with a wonderful group of people all from around the world and have made friends that will last a lifetime. My work placement was with Black Mango, an entertainment company based in Woodstock, Cape Town, which was a great insight into the African Music Industry and opportunity to meet some amazing talented people who are trying to bring together the cultures and music of South Africa.

Thank you so much to VAC both staff and interns for making it such a memorable trip! It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I would recommend the programme without a moments hesitation.