Carson Ireland-Latimer



Carson joined the VACorps Program in January 2023 as part of his Gap year and participated in an internship at a bike shop.

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“Interning in Cape Town was such a great experience! The city is incredible and there’s so much to do. I spent a lot of my free time outdoors exploring the beautiful mountains, beaches, and forests that make Cape Town so unique. I interned at a bicycle shop and had a great time learning how to build and repair bicycles while also learning valuable business lessons. The workplace environment was so much fun and made the early morning commutes worth it. Living and working in a city thousands of miles away from home came with challenges, but those experiences taught me a lot which will help me in college and beyond. I stayed in Cape Town for around 9 weeks and I think that was the perfect length. I will really miss my time here and I hope to visit again! soon!”