Ashley Bovee

I spent 5 weeks in South Africa. Five weeks of which completely exceeded all of my expectations.

When I first received my physical therapy placement at Athlone School for the Blind, I was a bit hesitant. I had never pictured myself working with visually impaired children and had little knowledge of visual impairments. I accepted the placement hoping to push myself out of my comfort zone and looking back, it was the best decision I ever made. I went in hoping to change their lives, and they were the ones who changed mine. I learned about the numerous challenges they face everyday but also recognised how happy and strong they can be at the same time. These kids were an inspiration to me and I am definitely leaving Athlone with way more knowledge and sense of creativity than I came with.

As for my Cape Town adventures…. they were endless! I did everything from skydiving, rock climbing, hiking, surfing to camping and much more. There is truly no better place for an outdoorsy adventure-seeker like myself. The VAC team was amazing, my housemates were fun and my co-workers were awesome. I never expected to build such strong relationships in such a short time. I can honestly say that Cape Town has changed me for the better. My only regret is not staying longer. Cape Town, I will miss you but I know I will be back in the near future!





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