Avital Strauss

Illinois, USA

Avital joined the VACorps Program as part of her Gap Year in January 2023 and participated in an internship at an NGO that supports and serves underprivileged communities in one of Cape Town’s townships.

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“It was a joy to be part of the VACorps program. My time in Cape Town was extraordinarily special, in large part due to the opportunities provided by VAC and the endless support of the VAC staff. My internship experience at a human rights NGO was transformative. I was able to immerse myself within a community and way of life, unlike anything to which I had ever been exposed. I made personal connections with the people in my internship, and I was welcomed into my internship organization with open arms. I learned and grew as a person during my time in my internship, and I was challenged to do and think about things that had never even crossed my mind. I regard my time in my internship as a true blessing. Beyond this, I was excited every week to partake in the Friday activities provided by VAC, each of which brought to my attention a new place within an aspect of Cape Town. The activities were well-planned, thrilling, and a great way to spend time with other people within the program. Additionally, as a woman navigating a new city on my own, it was comforting to know that the VAC staff would always be there, should I need anything. Because of the support provided by VAC, I was able to find a sense of independence in a new city and create a community for myself on my own, while knowing that I had people always looking out for me. VAC ensured that we would be safe during our time in Cape Town, that we would have a meaningful internship experience, and that we would be able to enjoy all the beauty and adventure that Cape Town has to offer.”