Caleb Fisher

New Jersey, USA


Caleb is studying business at Tulane University. He joined the VACorps program from March – April 2023.

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“Although my stay was only five weeks, this was the greatest experience of my life. I have never traveled before, so this was a huge change. First and foremost I learned that travelling might be my thing. I would love to come back. VACorps were amazing. I was treated as family from the second I walked in. I am very appreciative to the staff specifically. They were outstanding humans. I chose Cape Town because it was a go big or go home type of decision. I had never left the United States so I decided why not go somewhere crazy. My favorite part about the journey here was the culture shock. I learned so many new things that made me smarter and got rid of any ignorance or lack of knowledge I may have had for countries I have never been to. The people, specifically in Observatory, are amazing.”