Isabelle Horn
Germany, Europe

When I first started looking for opportunities to travel abroad, I was still in high school. I just wanted to get out and experience something. Therefore, almost a year before coming to Cape Town, I contacted VAC. South Africa was never really my number one travel goal, in fact, I actually planned on going to Central America to learn Spanish. Obviously that didn’t happen and I could not be more grateful.

From the beginning on everyone in VAC made the process of organising my stay very easy. Whenever I had a question, Oliver, Sean or Vanessa got back to me immediately.

I felt very at home with VAC, because as a participant you’re not just a number, but an actual person that all the employees want to get to know. I loved how everyone in Cape Town genuinely wanted to show you the city in the best way possible. I am pretty sure it’s due to the people of VAC that so many former interns decide to come back permanently after their first stay. They hook you up until you can’t bear the thought of leaving anymore.

My internship was with What’s on in Cape Town, an event website specifically about Cape Town. I enjoyed working with Daisy as my boss, who’s also an expat from England. Through her and through working there I got to know Cape Town in a different way than I would have otherwise.

The longer I stayed, the more South African friends I made, and the more immersed I got into the culture. Cape Town, especially Obz, is a very genuinely happy and positive place. It’s probably the least judgmental place I have ever been and slowly you start to adjust.

I remember sitting outside in Hello Sailor, a restaurant on Lower Main Road, for hours and talking to random people and seeing so many people I know. Obz is such a small town in big Cape Town. Everyday I felt like I’ve got the best of both worlds. This place changed me into a more confident, spontaneous and happy person. I like to say that Cape Town is the place where I fell in love with life. Yes, I am cheesy like that.

Leaving was ridiculously hard, as I wouldn’t have expected to get that attached not only to people but also to the city. So, of course I am going to do everything I can to come back as soon as possible, for as long as possible.