Joseph Savino

“What can I say about my time spent in Cape Town? Can word even do justice to what this time has meant to me? Probably not, but I’ll try anyway.

“Coming to Africa, I really did not know what to expect. Easing my way into VAC via the Sardine Run was fun and a great way to get close with the other interns. My internship at the Treatment Action Campaign in Khayelitsha was very interesting. Working in a township was very beneficial, and I feel like I would have enjoyed that more than working in the city. The internship itself was different than what all my friends were doing back home, working for their local congressmen or their parents. I gained a lot from working with an HIV campaign and working with people who are out going door-to-door educating people about HIV, STI’s, and TB. These are the people that save lives, and to think that I was a part of that, a very small part of that for a short amount of time, really means a lot to me.

“This trip has helped shape me as a young man. The other VAC interns have changed me. Their different outlooks on life have made me realize that life is not all about money, but about making a difference in the world, no matter how big or small. I think that is what VAC accomplishes best. It changes people’s perspectives on the world we live in. Coming to Africa and being thrown into the fun craziness that is VAC was one of the best things I could have done. I may not have been the best intern, but I can truly say this has been one of the BEST experiences of my life. Nicely done Cape Town, you’ve rocked my world. Thank you for making my time here seem legendary!”

-Joe Savino, pictured while bungee jumping off the highest bridge in South Africa.