Andi Cohen
Oregon, USA

“As I sit down to fully reflect upon my experience here in Cape Town, I can truly say that these past three months have been the most spectacular time of my life. Each and every day brought new opportunities that were filled with new friends and incredible activities. This city is so diverse and offers infinite possibilities for any day of the week. I have been pushed beyond my limits through shark cage diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, and so much more, but it is these memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

“My internship at the Cape Town Refugee Centre allowed me the unique opportunity to assist refugees from all over Africa. Working at CTRC I have developed a new sense of the world and learned just how important it is to savor every minute in this beautiful country and to always be grateful for the little things in our lives. I cannot even begin to describe how fantastic this journey has been, and my only advice to all the past, present and future interns is to say yes to everything. Some of the best times I had were doing things I would never normally do and as they say “fear is temporary, regret lasts a lifetime”. Enjoy every minute here, and brace yourselves for the adventures to come!”