Matt Russell
Massachusetts, USA

“From the first day I arrived in Cape Town, feeling like a naïve tourist at the airport to the final hours I spent trying to squeeze in one last hike, surf, and climb in a city that I now refer to as home; I knew I could always rely on the staff at Volunteer Adventure Corps. They provide you with the perfect balance of support and freedom so that you can experience the city as you want, alongside the amazing friends you make during your time there. Coming into Cape Town, I hoped that I could always call VAC if I had a problem or questions but I never dreamed the staff would become such close friends and go to great lengths to ensure that I was enjoying myself and had found the right internship.

“I was incredibly lucky to experience as much as I did in only three months. I bungee jumped off a bridge 1,000 feet high, learned to surf in Jeffrey’s Bay, hiked all three of Cape Town’s beautiful mountains, swam with a whale shark and dolphins in Mozambique, and much more. Throughout these magical few months I worked at ABO Software, developing a computer program on my own while learning valuable work experience that I never would have gained inside a classroom. I could not have asked for a better internship site as I was always busy, enjoyed working on my project, and had a fantastic supervisor who always encouraged me to continue exploring the many wonders of South Africa.

“I leave Cape Town with numerous memories, photos, new hobbies, and lifelong friends, with a feeling of satisfaction yet still yearning for more. I have become more confident, patient, and inspired because of this amazing city. There simply is no other place on Earth where so many great adventures are all at your fingertips, and the truth is that it is impossible for me to truly describe this incredible place. Luckily for those who haven’t been, VAC makes it extremely easy for anyone to have their own life changing experience in the Mother City.”