Mike Frazier

Mike Frazier, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, arrived in Cape Town during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a period that unquestionably ranks as one of the most festive times in this city’s recent history. Mike, who studied computer science, was 110% committed to getting the most from his experience in South Africa. He enthusiastically rolled up his sleeves at his IT support internship site, Solid Systems, and received a stellar performance review from his internship supervisor (and nearly a job offer!). Like many of our participants, Mike’s internship experience marked the first time that he travelled internationally on his own. We can’t be more thrilled to learn that nearly 5 years later, his internship experience helped him launch a rewarding career that allows him to continue visiting exciting cities across the globe.

“Since returning from South Africa in 2010, I completed my BS and took a position working in Assets Protections at a large retail chain in their corporate office. With the help of that position, plus my IT internship at Solid Systems in Cape Town, I was able to get an interview with Dell as an integration trainer.

Mike pictured at the Dell Head Office in India.

Mike pictured at the Dell Head Office in India.

“One of the first questions I was asked was, ‘Would I be willing to travel?’ I answered with my experience in Cape Town and with Solid Systems as evidence that I tend to seek out adventure and want more opportunities like it. I was hired shortly after, and have been with Dell for almost 3 years. Not only have I be able to travel around the world, but I’ve used my time with Dell to visit old friends, including seeing Gerald Tham in Singapore twice in the last year. My time with VAC and in Cape Town gave me both the foundation for my awesome career, but also life long friends around the world.

Mike Frazier in Singapore

Mike and Gerald, two VACorps alumni, during a reunion in Singapore.