Rachael Schmoker
Alaska, USA

 I interned at the South African Christian Leadership Assembly (SACLA) in Khayelitsha and had an incredible experience. SACLA is a home based healthcare organization and for patients that are bed-ridden or otherwise cannot make it to the clinics. The Carers there are extremely welcoming and so willing to answer my incessant questions. Being able to walk around the community and see where people live was a huge part of my experience as well as meeting the phenomenal Carers at SACLA. Other than working in Khayelitsha I was able to experience so many parts of South Africa like bungy jumping off of the worlds highest commercial bridge jump, snorkeling with whales and sharks, hiking Lion’s Head at Sunset and going to see one of the most fabulous showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Fugard Theater. This experience was life changing both personally and professionally and only intensified my passion for community health and of Africa. I am sad to leave this gorgeous country, but know that I will be back. 

-Rachael Schmoker (pictured surfing in Coffee Bay!)