Sarah Ley
Illinois, USA

I don’t think I’ve valued a day more than I have living in Cape Town. It makes me so disappointed that my stay was only 6 weeks. While there were moments of exhaustion from the constant desire to take part in everything, I still sit here with a to do list. Luckily, my experiences spent in Cape Town were completely invaluable. I spend more time appreciating those memories than dwelling on the fact that I ran out of time. My internship was at Khayelitsha Medical Clinic. Coming from only 2 years of being an undergrad in health sciences, I had little clinical experience. Yet physicians I worked with were so generous in what knowledge and skill they had to share. It resurfaced my interest in medical care that slowly had gotten lost in between the time spent sitting in lectures and studying for exams. The group of VAC interns that I grew to love were really something special. They inspire me and I can’t thank them enough for what they have taught me. VAC itself became a home away from home, giving me the confidence to fully immerse myself in South Africa. Now that I’m back in the States, I find myself constantly reflecting my trip. I miss the easiness in living so spontaneously and the daily opportunity to go on some kind of crazy adventure.  However as my time was too short, I’ll have to see you soon Cape Town!

XO, Sarah