Rob Weidner
Illinois, USA

My time here in Cape Town is sadly came to an end.  Luckily, I left with the intention of coming back very soon and that is the only thing that helped me cope with my departure.

“The routine of getting up at 8 o’clock every morning, heading into town on my scooter, working without a proper lunch break, running a hard drive to Somerset or a filter to Camps Bay, going for an end-of-the-day hike up Devil’s Peak or Lion’s Head, having a braai for my housemates and friends for dinner, and heading to bed only to do the same the next day, was certainly one that I could get used to.  Our infinity wall in the studio needed to be painted flat white often because of all our castings and shoots we had so I would frequently and willingly go home with white speckles on my feet.  From my experiences here in Cape Town I have definitely gained inspiration to finish up school and get into the working world.

“From my time here in Cape Town, I have made great connections that will help me when I am done with school.  I wish that I could stay here longer especially because it is just getting to summer and that means nice weather which means season for video work.  Everything is just starting to pick up and I have been flying back and forth between jobs for the past couple weeks.  My job sent me all over the country of South Africa and for that I am grateful to have found a company like VAC that established such an amazing experience for me.  I would love to come back to Cape Town to work in the video industry and the past 4 months has taught me so much.”