Amy Powers
Utah, USA

“When I boarded the plane for Cape Town following my second year of law school, my mind was racing. Was this the right choice for me? Would I get the legal and professional experience I truly wanted? Would Cape Town be a hard place to live? With all these questions running through my brain, it was amazing how quickly they disappeared as I set foot in Cape Town. Every worry evaporated the minute I saw the city and now I can say, without a doubt, that this trip was the best thing I have done, both professionally and personally.  I truly loved my experience in South Africa and particularly my experience with VAC. It is an amazing organization that helps you to feel very comfortable and secure in Cape Town. During my internship, I worked for the South African Human Rights Commission as their international research associate. This was an amazing experience as a law student interested in international human rights because it was an opportunity to work for a UN Affiliated National Human Rights Institution. While there, I was able to attend parliamentary hearings, help draft a submission to parliament concerning disability law in SA, and continue research on torture for the yearly report that the commission publishes for the UN. The internship itself was very fulfilling; especially with the wonderful people I was able to work with. As far as the VAC staff is concerned, they truly became great friends who always had some fun activity or trip planned. I would say it’s impossible to be bored in Cape Town. Also, the other participants in VAC were truly some of the most amazing people and friends I have ever had. I have never been surrounded by group of people who was more inspiring, caring, and fun than I did when I was a part of VAC. I have truly made friends for a lifetime and memories that I will cherish forever. I would recommend going to Cape Town through VAC to anyone, and I’m fairly sure I have to everyone since returning home. I literally cried when I got on the plane because I didn’t want to leave, and immediately plotted my way to return to the city that I now view as my home. Cape Town is the most amazing city I have ever been to and VAC is one of the best organizations I have been lucky enough to be a part of.”

– Amy, pictured above atop Table Mountain.