Taryn Roe

New Jersey, USA


Taryn is studying social work at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She joined the VACorps program from January – April 2024 and participated in a social work internship at an NGO that cares for abused women and children.

Coming to Cape Town has been the most amazing and invaluable experience. I am forever grateful for the memories and friendships that I made. I did my internship at an NGO that provides services to abused women and children. During my time there, I worked extensively with women in group sessions and was able to establish close professional relationships with each of them. Additionally, I implemented a financial training program. I learned so much, and I will never forget the strong and powerful women that I worked with. Cape Town is so much more than just a beautiful city. The people I met accepted me as if I had lived here forever, and I can truly say being here feels like home. Three months is too short, and I am already planning my trip to come back.