Witold Gul


Witold joined the VACorps Program in July 2019 and participated in a Physical Therapy Internship.

“The reason why I decided to intern in Cape Town was because I wanted to experience something where I will never​ ​get to experience in my life time. So, with Cape Town, it was a brand new start for me and it became the most​ ​amazing journey of my life. While interning in Cape Town, the thing that I loved the best is coming in every day and​ ​putting a smile on every students’ faces. Also, I loved the environment and the other physios I worked with. All the​ ​physios were great and I learned so much from them. One thing I learned about myself during my time in Cape​ ​Town is that I am very fortunate of the things I have back home. Coming here was definitely a cultural and​ ​experiencing it changed my views of things. Some highlights from my site that I will never forget are seeing​ ​students land for the first time after surgery, students coming up to you giving hugs, the love that all the staff and​ ​student give, and just making some type of impact on a child’s life. The thing that I loved most about living here is​ ​that there is so much you can experience and do every day. Also, love the part where a lot of things are walking distance so you can just walk somewhere and hang out with friends. I will definitely miss all the people that I met​ ​here. I made great connections with people all around the world and learned so much about their​ ​backgrounds/cultures. So, I was supposed to stay in CT for two months but unfortunately could only stay for one. I​ ​would advise people to stay for at least two months because there is so much to explore. The VACorps activities​ ​were good and enjoyed some of them. The aspects of VACorps program that I am most grateful for are the comfort​ ​you get from day one. Everyone is friendly and they make you feel like you are right at home. Also, I enjoyed the​ ​other interns you meet and the trips you get to go on with them where you get the chance to interact more.”