Deadlines and University Credits

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Deadlines and University Credits

Do you have any specific deadlines?

If you are facing any deadlines, such as scholarship applications, university internship applications etc. you will need to let your placement advisor know as soon as possible

Do you need to receive credits for your internship?

If you are participating in an internship to receive credit from your university, please send your placement advisor a one-page document that outlines exactly what guidelines you have for receiving the credit (e.g. hours required, paperwork filled out, etc,). Your advisor will need this right away as it can affect your placement.

VACorps provides assistance in making sure the assigned internship placement meets your university’s course requirements in order to receive credit. Whether it be an hourly obligation, the supervisor’s credentials or specific project guidelines that need to be met. VACorps also assists to facilitate all course-related paperwork with the host internship site and will provide in-country feedback to university administrators upon request.