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Internship Site Commute

Daily Commute Costs

  • The transportation choices for your daily commute to your internship site can vary, primarily based on the site’s location and your working hours.
  • You are responsible for covering the cost of your daily travel to your internship site.
  • The expense of your commute is significantly influenced by your internship site’s location, the availability of public transport, and the possibility of cost-sharing with other interns.
  • Most internship sites can be reached within a 15 to 60-minute commute from Observatory.

Public vs. Private Transport for Your Internship Commute

  • The choice between public and private transport for your commute will ultimately depend on your comfort with public transportation, the availability of public transportation, the distance to your site, and your budget and time constraints.
  • Public transport is typically more cost-effective, although it may be less secure and provides a more immersive experience.
  • Private transport is usually more convenient, safer, and faster, but it comes at a higher cost.
  • If your site is accessible through public transport, we will inform you and provide guidance on the best services and routes to use.
  • If public transport is not a viable option for your site, private transport (such as Uber) will be your only choice.
  • After taking your personal preferences into account, we will guide you on the most convenient route to your site during your first site meeting.

Budgeting for Commutes

  • Your Placement Advisor will provide you with an estimated transport cost to your site before your arrival, enabling you to plan your budget accordingly.
  • If your internship site is situated far from your accommodation, you will need to allocate more budget for the daily back-and-forth commute costs.

Connecting with Travel Groups

  • In many cases, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other program participants for shared travel to and from your site. We will facilitate these connections upon your arrival.

Preferred Uber Arrangements

  • If you establish a good rapport with a specific Uber driver, you may consider negotiating for them to provide daily transportation to and from your site at a discounted rate.
  • This arrangement benefits both parties: you secure a reliable daily ride, and the driver ensures a regular passenger while offering you preferential rates.