VACorps Program Policies and Disciplinary Procedures

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VACorps Program Policies and Disciplinary Procedures

VACorps Program Policies

At VACorps, we believe in creating a safe and respectful environment for all our program participants. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have established a set of guidelines and expectations. Please read and adhere to the following policies:

  1. Alcohol Consumption: Participants over the age of 18 (the legal drinking age in South Africa) may consume alcohol responsibly. However, excessive alcohol consumption that poses a threat to oneself or others will not be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary procedures.
  2. Illegal Drugs: The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited during your participation in the VACorps program.
  3. Honest Representation: When applying to the VACorps Program, participants must provide accurate information about their qualifications, work experience, and personality traits. Honesty is crucial to ensuring the right fit for both you, the program and your internship sit.
  4. Compliance with South African Laws: Participants must adhere to the laws of the Republic of South Africa throughout their stay. Any participant arrested, charged, or detained for questioning by the South African Police Services in connection with a crime may be subject to disciplinary procedures.
  5. Behavior Expectations: Respectful, responsible, and safe behavior is paramount. Any aggressive, reckless, inappropriate, or dangerous behavior towards fellow program participants, VACorps staff, work colleagues, or any third parties is not acceptable.
  6. Professional Conduct: Participants are expected to maintain a professional relationship with their supervisors and colleagues at their placement site.
  7. Preserving VACorps’ Integrity: Participants should avoid any behavior or activities that may bring disrepute to VACorps, its program, or its third-party suppliers.
  8. Visits to low-income areas: If you intend to visit township or low-income areas outside of work activities, you must be accompanied by a guide. Solo visits are not allowed for safety reasons.
  9. Vehicle Restrictions: Participants are not permitted to use motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, or quads for the duration of the program.
  10. Health and Well-being: VACorps reserves the right to consult with medical professionals if a staff member deems a participant to be in an unhealthy physical or mental state, with the ultimate goal of ensuring your well-being.
Disciplinary and Program Removal Procedures

Should a participant fail to comply with the policies outlined above, VACorps Directors will initiate an investigation and disciplinary hearing. The outcome will be determined based on the severity of the infraction and its surrounding circumstances. Possible outcomes include a written warning or dismissal from the program and repatriation.

If a participant is required to return home, they will not be entitled to reimbursement for any costs incurred, including program tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation costs, and legal fees.

We are committed to providing a positive and enriching experience for all participants in the VACorps program. By respecting these policies, you contribute to a safe and harmonious environment that benefits everyone.