Annie Speranza
Boston, Massachusetts USA

“One of the world’s greatest authors, Oscar Wilde, has a quote that I love. He conveys, “Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

“It’s incredible how much you can learn by simply immersing yourself in an unfamiliar world. The experience I had here in South Africa has taught me so much. I’ve learned a lot from shadowing and aiding the nurses and doctors at Retreat Clinic. This hands-on experience has really solidified my desire to pursue medicine.

“I’ve also come to realize that I love to travel. Some of my fondest memories here were during my weekend trips with the friends that I’ve met. For example, I went on the Garden Route with several of my roommates and will never forget the adventures we had, including bungee jumping and walking among elephants.

“VACorps does a wonderful job at finding the right internship based on your interests. The experience I received is unparalleled to anything I would have experienced in the states. I’m also really thankful for their weekly activities, which facilitate the close connections you form with other interns. Overall, I am so incredibly happy I chose VACorps and am sad to be leaving such a wonderful place and group of people.”



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