Brad Hossack
Canada, Canada

While looking to fill in the gap between graduating from university and working full-time, I thought travelling to Cape Town would be an interesting experience. And it turned out to be so much more! My internship at Celtic Yachts involved designing and building an ocean sailing catamaran. The work environment was eye-opening and in many ways more advanced than what I had experienced in North America. Each work day was also inspiring for me because I had the opportunity to be with some of the hardest working people I have ever met.

Aside from finding the internship I envisioned, the VAC team also helped set up a number of activities that I wanted to try like sailing, kiteboarding and surfing. Before arriving in Cape Town, I would have never imagined that I would have sailed in my first race on the ocean, learned kiteboarding from a Turkish pro or stood on a surfboard. Now that I am about to start my dream job, I feel very fortunate to have experienced Cape Town and can only recommend the same for other students/recent grads.

-Brad, pictured at center, during a VAC Friday hike to the summit of Lion’s Head.