Cara O’Donnell
Melbourne, Australia
Cara spent 9 weeks completing a Human Rights internship with the South African Human Rights Commission in Cape Town.

“The experience was both educational and personally rewarding, and one I won’t soon forget. In addition to placing me with an organization I likely wouldn’t have been to able to arrange myself (especially from the opposite side of the world), VACorps provided support before I arrived, on arrival and right up until my departure. Even just knowing that there would be someone to collect me from the airport in a new city was comforting! The weekly activities were a great opportunity to see and do things I probably would never have heard about and also to spend time with the VACorps staff who suggested fun local things to do in our own time. Deciding to go to the other side of the world by yourself can be a bit daunting, but my experience was enjoyable, exciting, adventure-packed and well supported by VACorps. Huge thanks to all!”

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